Our Mission

Success for all...every student...every day.

Our Vision

E. A. Harrold Elementary stakeholders will continue to provide a family friendly environment that supports the diversity of our student population and provides a climate where students will succeed at their greatest academic and social potential.

Our Beliefs

     Students have the ability to achieve their highest individual potential.

     Students have the opportunity to learn in a safe, secure, positive, supportive,           

     and drug/violence free environment.


     Students are engaged in child-centered and data-driven instruction.

     Students are engaged through instruction in a variety of skills necessary to                         

     compete successfully in a technological society.


     Students’ progress is measured through program assessments aligned with local, state, and  

      national standards.

     Valid assessment results are used to evaluate student achievement, determine student needs,

     and provide additional re-mediation and enrichment instruction.


     Administrators, staff, parents, and community display commitment to decision-making and 

     policies that enable our students to become confident, self-directed learners.

     Teachers are actively involved in the selection and implementation of professional 

      development and instructional materials that benefit both students and staff.


     Effective policies such as grading, assessment, attendance, promotion, and discipline are 

     consistently implemented and lead to student learning and success.

     All policies reflect stake-holders’ input and will follow local, state, and federal guidelines